In 2013 we adopted our first dog, Watson. He has made such a significant mark on my life, that I feel all people deserve their own Watson, and all dogs should have a place to call home. He has been such a significant part of my post-grad life, my marriage, and even somehow my career. I owe him a lifetime worth of gratitude, and this is how I"m going to start...


All of my clients will have the opportunity to choose between a $50 donation to the Oregon Humane Society upon their closing, or a $100 gift towards their dog-adoption fee. Homeownership is at the heart of my business, but at the core will be dog rescue efforts. 


Should my clients feel a dog is in their future, then up to a year after their purchase or sale, I will help them adopt a dog in efforts to "House all Watsons".  




Meet Chrome, an energetic shepherd mix. He is the first official #bantastic_pup rescued from the Oregon Humane Society. His owners were selected by Watson in a recent drawing for a full adoption-fee, and they brought him home this summer! For more details and photos follow @bantastic_pups on Instagram or check out his full story on Megan Banta- Hasson Company Realtors on Facebook. 




Meet Penelope June, aka Penny! She is the second #bantasticpup living her best life in Milwaukie. She was adopted by two of my favorite new homeowners, who hand-built their new fence to welcome in the brilliant energy of a border collie. This new family of three are happily celebrating a new home, a new yard, and a new relationship status! #firsttimebuyers #adopted #engaged