Buying a home isn’t quite the same as seen on TV- much like the rest of life. But until you live it, you don’t know it. Our first meeting is the best opportunity for us to discuss what the realities of home buying are, and how to get you from “just looking” to “keys in hand”.


On the next page, you’ll see an outline of the Transaction Timeline, with key terms we’ll be using throughout the process. Knowing the big picture before you jump in will help protect your sanity, your time and most importantly- your investment.

A home is an investment in your future- whether it's for two years, five years, or fifty. Most likely as a first-time buyer though, you’re buying your FIRST home. Things have changed since our parent's generation got married, bought a house, and raised a family in it until they became empty nesters and moved out. It’s important before we begin to discuss the longevity of your purchase.

There is nothing wrong with buying a home that fits you now. Whether you’re looking for a condo, townhouse or home, I can help find you either your stepping stone home or your “forever home”. The thing with forever is life subtly changes, so I want to protect your long-term financial goals and needs while considering what you need at this moment from this home. It’s important that I do the market research on what your home could be worth down the road because today’s current market conditions won’t last forever.


My preference is to have an opportunity to sit down in person and discuss your understanding of the home buying process, as well as discuss thoughtfully what your expectations are. Some things to consider are:

-What do you need from me as your agent? We will discuss your expectations of how to frame the perfect working relationship.

-What do you need from your home? Are you needing short-term (2-4 years), long-term (5+ years), or an investment property? What features are essential? #of Rooms/Bathrooms, size, location, or key features, such as a backyard, an office, garage and storage, open floor plan, a view?

-When do you need to be moved in? In this market, sellers are feeling blessed in over-priced offers, but in some cases, they need other terms to help protect their needs. It’s possible that your ability to give them time to move out at their own pace is essential to seal the deal.

-What are your driving factors to this purchase? There are three major factors to consider- location, price, and condition. We will discuss market conditions specific to your areas of focus- micro pockets are different throughout the Portland Area- don’t listen to all of the hype until we’ve considered your options.